Activating the Urban Campus

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Transforming the Environment at Hunter College

Since 2015, an annual exhibition of visual art by Muse scholars and other arts students, has been held throughout the campus buildings on East 68th Street. This annual exhibition, Activating the Urban Campus, provides a unique opportunity for artistically talented undergraduate students working in a variety of media to showcase their work in surprising and unexpected places throughout campus. From paintings, photographs, murals, drawings and art books to video installations and interactive media, the works on display enliven the campus, adding a new aesthetic dimension to the daily experience of Hunter students and faculty alike.

Whether painted in a stairwell in Thomas Hunter Hall, placed on the crosswalk between the North and West buildings, showcased in the library, or hung in one of the student lounges, the works on display have transformed the environment at Hunter. The exhibition has fostered collaborations with the Photographers’ Collective and the Knitting Club, among other student organizations.