Fellowships and Scholarships

Visit the Office of Prestigious Scholarships & Fellowships for more opportunities: https://ops.hunter.cuny.edu

The Ops + f provided us with an excellent powerpoint about scholar opportunities! View it here

Stephen Lassonde speaks
to Muses about prestigious scholarships and fellowships.

Avon Scholarship 

Supports latinas returning to college or starting college later in life and who are interested in accounting, requires faculty nomination

Faculty Nomination

Atlantic Media Fellowship

Year long, paid professional placement and educational program for students committed to careers in media

Bluhm Scholars 

Tuition assistance for high-achieving students who are majoring in Greek, Latin, Greek and Latin, Classical Archaeology, or Classical Studies

Chancellor’s Global Scholarship for Study Abroad  

Provides partial funding to CUNY students planning a study abroad experience                                             

Cooperman Fellowship 

Up to $1,500 of tuition assistance for future business leaders in many different subjects

CUNY PhD Pipeline Fellow 

Provides educational and financial support to CUNY undergraduates from groups currently underrepresented in our nation’s universities who are interested in pursuing the PhD

Eva Kastan Grove Fellowship Program at Roosevelt House Provides mentorship, professional development and a financial award to students who are committed to public service, public policy and human rights

JFEW Eleanor Roosevelt Scholars Tuition assistance and a summer internship stipend to female students interested in public policy


Provides support for undergraduate students who are underrepresented in the biomedical and behavioral sciences and helps prepare them for PhD programs through advising, conference opportunities, and stipends

Mellon Arts 

Funding for Juniors from historically underrepresented backgrounds to intern at an arts organization

Mellon Public Humanities 

Funding for Juniors in the humanities to complete a research project 


Support for minority students with a commitment to eradicating racial disparities, and who will pursue PhDs in the humanities, social sciences, and physical sciences

Faculty Nomination

OoA Summer Internship Award Provides stipends to undergraduate students taking unpaid internships in the arts

Raab Presidential Fellows 

Supports student experiences including non-paid research placements, research opportunities, and study abroad, requires faculty nomination

Faculty Nomination

Thomas Hunter Honors Program 

Allows students to pursue interdisciplinary studies at Hunter with highly attentive advising

Tuckman Scholarship 

Supports student research opportunities such as research with a faculty member over the summer, requires faculty nomination

Faculty Nomination